Twitter Updates for 2007-10-08

  • @akelatal Hehe, made me happy too, I was afraid the poor guy would die before he got out. #
  • Anyone else upgraded to WP2.3? How painful was it? #
  • Out of no where, WP 2.2.3 is inserting a / in front of all apostrophes. Grrr. #
  • @deanpence Thanks, going to take the plunge and hope nothing breaks. *crosses fingers* #
  • @Mercy It says it’s fixed in 2.3, so hoping the upgrade will take care of it. #
  • Just completed the WP 2.3 upgrade from 2.2.3 – completely painless, all seems well. Yay! #
  • @Mercy In case you miss previous tweet, the upgrade went well as far as I can tell. =) #

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