Blizzard ’08 in Cincinnati

Update: It really is a blizzard – officially even! WLWT local news has the full scoop, but it looks like the tri-state area is under a blizzard warning from the National Weather Service until 4PM today.

The local news just tweeted about the Blizzard of ’08 – it’s been snowing since yesterday morning and hasn’t stopped yet as far as I can tell.

Snow on the back deck

Snow on the railing

I had to open the back door to get a couple of quick snapshots, and Cleo couldn’t resist checking things out.

Cleo looks out the back door

Not sure if you can tell from the perspective in that picture, but the snow looks about thigh high for me. I sat down on the ground to get a better perspective of the mound of snow in comparison to Cleo.

Cleo vs the mountain of snow - snow wins!


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