A Wii for Christmas

It’s funny, my first reaction to this video was to turn down the volume (man these kids have a set of pipes!) and then to laugh at the sheer joy of it. I remember when Christmas felt like that! I don’t know if I got THAT excited over my first Cabbage Patch Doll, the must-have toy when I was of an age to believe in Santa, but probably pretty close.

My second thought was.. what is it about the Wii that makes them scream, cry, faint, and roll around – literally – in ecstatic joy? Is it just the Must Have gift of the year? Is it the technology? Is it how much fun it is to play with others?

Not sure, but talk about extreme emotion!

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  1. Hey Chris!

    We got a Wii too for Christmas, and it was a total surprise (I didn’t tell anyone we were getting it). My kids reactions were not quite the same as above but they are 18 & 13 and ‘stopped hearing the bell’ (Polar Express) years ago. Of all the videos here, the ones I like best are the youngest and most candid ones. Several including the one making the rounds on youtube where the kid looks directly at the camera just seem overplayed to me. Everyone it seems wants to be a youtube phenom these days. :/ Anyway I think the essence of the compilation is great, and does capture that ‘moment of joy’ so central to what we all love about the holidays, child and adult alike. Our Wii was the hit of the holiday season and our fun doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon! Thanks for sharing this video! -kj-