Mission, principles and projects:
LoveMachine means several different things, some of which you’ll have to talk to us to figure out. We believe that the right band of people can work together, have a huge amount of fun, make a bunch of money, and try to save the world.

Dusan called it! Glad to see Philip’s still working on saving the world. (For those who don’t know, Philip Rosedale, founder of Linden Lab and Second Life, announced he’d be working on a new project. The LoveMachine is part of Linden Lab lore, a system by which employees of the Lab give each other “love” in the form of.. tips or something, to let everyone else know when they thought someone was doing a good job. So Philip’s trying to take the concept global? We dunno exactly, but I’m sure many people will be watching this site closely for updates.)

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