Droid Apps I’m Using – March 2010

UPDATE March 2010:

It’s been four months now since I bought a Motorola Droid super-smart-phone, and I’ve come to love my little pocket PC in a way I’ve never loved another phone/gadget. I was worried at first that I’d be annoyed by not being able to type on it one-handed, or that the larger form factor would feel heavy and clunky. Neither of those initial concerns causes me a moment’s pause after a few months of use, and the interface issues that confused me at first aren’t an issue today. It is without a doubt the best gadget purchase I’ve made to date.

In the interest of keeping a good log of the apps I’m using, I figured I should update my original post to remove the apps I ended up never using and adding the ones I’ve found since early December. So here’s the updated list.

Use Daily/Very Frequently:

Advanced Task Manager
Handy for seeing what’s running on the phone and killing it if necessary

AP mobile
News n stuff, pretty self explanatory.

A To Do list that synchs with Remember the Milk which synchs with Gmail. nice!

Synchs pix from Droid to my Flickr account, lets me know when someone favorites or comments on a pic on Flickr.  Great app.

SSH/telnet client on yer phone.

Synchs with my Evernote account on the web, best notemaking software I’ve found on mobile OR web.

Fun to see who else frequents the RL locations you visit.  I’m the mayor of my favorite breakfast place.  😉

Google Voice
Synchs your Google Voice account with your phone, can make outgoing calls from your GVoice # or just get messages/vmails

Augmented reality here at last!  Point your camera in any direction and choose the layer of data you want to appear on top – everything from who’s tweeting near you to local pizza joints to.. whatever.  Very fun.

Linda File Manager
Manage/view/use files on the SD card in your phone or local memory though that sounds like you can hose things if you don’t know what you’re doing.

NPR News
I hardly listen to NPR on the actual radio anymore, I can catch all my fave shows every day right on Droid.  I have such a crush on Ira Glass’ voice. *swoon*

Plays a radio station based on your music tastes. LOVE this app.

Instant live vide streaming to the intarnetz. V.cool! Will also auto publish to YouTube and alert your friends on Twitter when you start a live stream if you set it up that way.

Twitter client that works really well.  I check this wayyyy too frequently 🙂

GoogleTalk, all your gmail contacts available for IM

Wikitude Premium
Sort of like Layar but includes different data sets – layer data on top of your reality, including flickr, youtube, wikipedia entries, and lots of other stuff.  Funny though, it shows my Flickr pix taken here at home as being 3km away.  Hmmmm.  Still, if you’re interested in augmented reality, it’s an alternative to Layar and they’ve been adding more data sets over time.

Use Less Frequently But Good To Have

Aldiko and Aldiko premium
Books! Lots o books! I can actually read on this thing. Who needs Kindle?

Amazon and Amazon MP3
I was browsing for holiday gifts..

Another file manager that lets you work with zip, rar, tar, gzip and other compressed files.

Beam Reader
PDF Reader for Droid

Barcode Scanner
Snap a pic of a bardcode on any product, searches google for product description and price comparisons

It’s a compass. 🙂

FTP files to/from your phone.

Viewing google docs on the phone.

Turns your phone into a remote for the PC, play music, videos, etc.

AOL IM client, not too pleased with this one but I haven’t found a good alternative yet.

Mother TED
TED Talks on your Droid. yay, I’m a big fan.

News headlines

Photoshop Mobile
Edit, crop, touch up photos right on your phone

Record your voice, send the files to Gmail.

Find stuff around you, weather, news, movies, gas stations, coupons, traffic, etc.

Scans for wireless networks, occasionally finds networks the phone doesn’t seem to find by default.

Post to your WordPress blog from your phone.

What great apps am I missing??

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  1. Surprised you don’t mention “Mobile Grid Client,” which allows you to enter SL from your Droid. It’s odd to think that you avie is “there” in SL and you can chat, TP, and IM but not move aroud or see! It’s worth a try 😉