Stickybits: Add digital content to barcode stickers with iPhone or Android app

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, download the free Stickybits app and scan the bar code above.  Do you see the digital content I’ve attached?  If you click on “Add a bit” button, I THINK you can even leave me a comment..  weird!

Stickybits appears to have debuted at SXSW and it lets you download barcodes or buy barcode stickers that you can then attach digital content to – pictures, files, comments, videos.  When someone scans the barcode with the Stickybits app, they can see your content and leave comments.

The person who created the barcode can then see how many times the barcode was scanned, get email notifications, and.. in a creepy angle, even see if the barcode has moved and to where.  Cheap RFID?  Hmmmm!

Not sure about the privacy implications of this, but definitely a technology/app worth checking out!  (And scan that barcode above so I can see how it works!)  🙂

Update:  Several folks have scanned the barcode and I’m getting email notices each time with an approximate location of where the scan took place.  It also has a google map populated with the location of all the scans.  Very interesting!  Can’t figure out how to get a link to the map to publish it though hm..

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  1. The iphone is a quality phone, but I recently tried the HTC Incredible… and that IS incredible! My aunt just got it and I really can’t believe how neat it is. And with so many applicaitons available with open source, the options are unreal.