Gentleman`s Agreement Socken

You`ll find answers in product information, questions and answers and comments. Premium accessory portfolio: Each gentleman`s Agreement accessory set consists of a flipping loop (classic or diamond shape), a towel and a pair of stockings delivered in a wooden cedar wood box. Urban design and “angular” fabrics of character: from handkerchiefs and silk buckles of raw and masculine Indian dupions in reference to personalities like Johnny Cash and Dean Martin, to colorful socks, the modern gentleman finds everything his fashion sense requires. Please make sure you have entered a correct question. You can edit your question or publish it. After the beautiful wedding in Hamburg on Wednesday, we immediately return to the beautiful north today. Indeed, I would like to introduce you to a great label that deals with the elegant aspect of the masculine world and offers many chic accessories: gentleman`s Agreement. yes, inspiration is an eloquent expression that I find difficult to grasp. I think inspiration is a fundamental sense of aesthetics that can be amplified by letting things, people and moments that consciously move you. Going back to the question, I would say that all three of us have quite different sources of inspiration, because we are three different personalities who have been marked differently in their lives, who are influenced by different things, mentalities and characters.

This collaborative mix, with all its versatility, is also reflected in our collections, with which we try to approach the “young” and the “old”, as well as “urban” and “chic”. Last but not most importantly, there are cool features for our website, such as implementing our own blog and some cool crossover promotions with other labels. I hope to find out more later this year. Every day, countless new start-ups emerge in Germany – see also our brand new start-ups. Unfortunately, we cannot present in detail all new start-ups. In our “3 new start-ups” section, there are new start-ups and Internet projects of all kinds in short. . We are also working on our new collections and expanding our product range. The “Gentleman`s Agreement” concept will soon be a complete package that includes not only handkerchiefs, flies and stockings, but also ties, wrist buttons and much more. In addition, our next photo shoot is planned, for which we were able to once again enthuse Simon Lohmeyer, who has already photographed our first campaign. All gentleman`s Agreement accessories are distributed in an online store and sent to cedar boxes.

All the pieces are handmade, mostly on site in Hamburg. The three designers are convinced of the idea that there are accessories for contemporary men. What started as a dream became an adult idea, even if not everyone was convinced at first. Courageous: Toffster wants to move away from the classic business outfit with grey suit and striped tie. A little extravagant, but nevertheless practical on a daily basis, this is the guide to the Potsdam start-up. The all-male fashion label was founded by Nadine Krau-Weiler. “My goal is to create a look that convinces with refinement, while remaining everyday.

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