Collective Bargaining Agreement Basketball

For the transfer, I know that this letter must be addressed to the medical commission (and to inform the club) within 48 hours of work following the announcement of my medical contraindication to play basketball in professional competitions. The contract may be terminated if it is not performed or in the cases defined by the Labour Code (force majeure, serious infringement, incapacity, consent of the parties). The NBA`s Board of Governors, made up of the NBA`s 30 owners and their representatives, as well as League Commissioner Adam Silver, held a conference call this afternoon and the agreement will now allow the 2020/21 season to begin on Dec. 22. At present, there is still a moratorium on trades, but it should be lifted two or three days before the November 18 project. Luxury tax penalties are reduced for teams that pay tax when the league`s basketball revenue decreases. The negotiations ended shortly before the deaths of teammates Alyssa Altobelli, Payton Chester, Gianna Bryant and Gianna`s father, Kobe Bryant, a WNBA fan, “#GirlDad” and basketball legend. Through their individual and collective passion, know-how, experience, investment and commitment, each of these people had and would have positively influenced and transformed our sport and made it grow. As soon as the doctor informs you that you are not able to play basketball, you have 48 hours to send the form below by registered letter, e-mail or any other means to prove the correct reception. Finally, if you are not able to do your job as a basketball player, the club can terminate the contract.

The union voted late last week to tentatively approve the league`s plan to play a 72-game game plan next season starting in December.

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