Compliance Agreements

As a former Contract Compliance Officer for the VA State, I understand that “must” means mandatory! Doesn`t this apply to all contracts that “must” be used? Your answer is requested. I would appreciate your thoughts and experiences on how best to define and fulfill this role, given, of course, the growing role software is playing in compliance management. – Develop or control the availability of standard contract templates and compliance monitoring If we talk about compliance, we need to define their role – and the responsibilities of “compliance managers” – very carefully. When I was recently asked about the employment role, I tried to develop a high-level description: – recommendations to modify compliance rules, policies or conditions to reflect changing trends, market conditions or opportunities – Enter relevant compliance data into control systems In accordance with Section 1234c of this Title, the Secretary may enter into a compliance agreement with a recipient under an applicable program. The purpose of a compliance agreement in accordance with this section is to ensure that the recipient complies as quickly as possible with applicable legal requirements and not to excuse or correct previous breaches of those requirements. – Ensure the integrity of the contract management process and monitor contract compliance – control of contract performance and engagement to ensure compliance with certain conditions “Contract compliance management can encompass many different aspects and stages of contract management. This is an important area of business development that, in theory, increases efficiency and reduces risk. While compliance monitoring is necessary, it is important that there are processes that provide insight into the need for or opportunities for change.. .


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