England Hockey Participation Agreement

Everyone who participates in hockey activities must now enter into a COVID participation agreement for their various efforts. In summary, below are links to England`s hockey policies and a short video on returning safely to hockey (all open in a new tab). To ensure that you are registered to participate in Cambs activities and that you appear on our participation portal, please follow these instructions: We are all required to abide by the policies in order to play hockey safely during the current pandemic. The covid managers for the Wimbledon Hockey Club are Jenny Walker, who can be contacted at 07811109139 or jenny@twchockey.co.uk, and Tina Dullaghan, who can be contacted at 07807064152 or teammanager@twchockey.co.uk Given England Hockey`s recent advice, the Epsom Hockey Club has revised its policies regarding hockey masks for all participants. This directive was ratified at the General Committee meeting [November 2019] and is reviewed annually in July or as a guide to England hockey. Click here to read the policy: Epsom Hockey Club Face Mask Policy – 2020-21 Self-assessment check – This check must be carried out before each hockey session and that participants must declare that they are symptom-free and have not been in contact with suspected or confirmed covid symptoms in the last 2 weeks. The most important thing is that in order to play hockey, all participants must conclude the online participation agreement for English hockey (see below). In this way, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions and the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of England Hockey: -Template for the Participation Register – All participants must complete an attendance register at the beginning of each hockey session All members of the Wimbledon Hockey Club have the responsibility to reduce covid risks and choose to participate in hockey activities A big thank you all for your patience, while referring to the much-desired confirmation of our safe return to hockey. On 24 July, England Hockey confirmed that it had submitted to the English Ministry of Media, Culture and Sport and Sport its draft (in line with the government`s guidelines on returning to grass-market sport) on how hockey can continue in Phase 4 of its return to play roadmap.

If a member suffers from Covid after playing hockey, we will notify all participants in the training group or, in the event of a match, we will inform the opposing team`s Covid manager and all gaming agents as well as Wimbledon team members and coaches. www.englandhockey.co.uk/page.asp?section=2633&sectionTitle=Covid%2D19+Club+Support There may be up to 24 hours of delay before you appear on the participation portal, so allow enough time to complete your scheduled activity. All belper hockey and all members of Belper hockey sections should follow the guidelines of our NGB, England Hockey. This has allowed our coaches and teams to integrate (and test) the kind of processes and protocols we all need to follow – to ensure that training runs smoothly and that everyone is sure they can safely return to hockey. We know that many of you are interested in returning to the field, and your committees are working hard to achieve this in accordance with the COVID 19 guidelines of the government and English hockey. . . .

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