How Do You Handle Disagreements With Co-Workers

Your colleague may also be distracted from the real topic of the discussion when asking who “we” is. It is therefore unlikely that the use of the word we or an equivalent will help your disagreement. The factual argument is interesting. The two colleagues may have been in the same place, but each remembers it differently. Both think that if they could only convince you and his colleague of their views on the facts, the conflict would be over. The problem is that even if you had been there, it is counterproductive to try to convince others of your point of view, because without new credible information, they are unlikely to change their mind about what happened. The best approach to closing this trap is to get along, disagree and keep going. Sometimes, despite your best efforts to solve a problem with someone, you simply can`t come to an agreement. Instead of continuing to fight and fail, it`s time for a third party to help convey the conflict…

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