Ieta Agreement

In an year The situation of withdrawal of the latest version of ETMA (3.0) of 2008 could raise the question of whether the text of the Framework Agreement had the necessary elasticity to cover the multiplicity of approaches adopted recently with regard to the taxation of VAT of the ESAs, the RECs and the trade of the ERUs. Let us remember that they range from the exemption from VAT and the zero rate to the standard rate through the “reversal of the tax debt”. IETA is dedicated to the objectives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Paris Agreement and, ultimately, climate protection. Today, it is the economy`s leading voice in carbon markets. IETA continues to promote the establishment of effective emissions trading schemes, which are proven to be fair, open, effective, accountable and consistent across national borders, while committing to maintaining social fairness and environmental integrity in the establishment of such schemes. Please note that the CETA files provided on this website contain the following points: “We contribute to the fight against climate change by encouraging and supporting the implementation of ambitious emissions trading schemes capable of achieving a strong and reliable carbon price, in order to accelerate the transition to fewer carbon-intensive technologies and, ultimately, to decarbonise our economies.”, Mr Stefano De Clara, IETA`s Director of International Policy. The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. IETA, a Brussels-based non-profit economic association, was created in 1999 to support companies that deal with market-based solutions to combat climate change. IETA is the leader in providing standardised documentation for the Emissions Trading Scheme. IETA provides a number of documents covering primary and secondary OTC markets. Through the Secretariat and its specialist members, IETA maintains, updates and develops new contracts recognised for their clarity, conciseness and focus on the details of the carbon market. Below is our standardized documentation suite.

Members note that such registration will only be effective if the competent authorities of the economies concerned accept the validity of the procedures and criteria that establish substantial equivalence and streamline the procedures for granting rights of practice in their economies to registrants applying through this mechanism. . . .

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