India Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement Notification

(b) monitor and verify that notified conformity assessment bodies maintain the technical competence necessary to demonstrate the conformity of a product with standards and/or specifications in order to meet the binding requirements of the other Party. [2] [3] Singapore has invested in projects to modernize Indian ports and airports, as well as in the development of information technology parks and special economic zone (SEZ). [2] India has become Singapore`s 4th largest tourist destination and more than 650,000 Indians visited Singapore in 2006. The two countries have cooperated in the fields of aerospace, space programs, information technology, biotechnology and energy. [2] Measures by which it accords more favourable treatment to persons of a non-Contracting Party than persons of the other Party to this Agreement, pursuant to a bilateral double taxation convention between the Contracting Party and that non-Contracting Party. Building on their respective rights, obligations and obligations as developing country members of the World Trade Organization and under other multilateral, regional and bilateral agreements and arrangements; (f) to explore new areas of economic cooperation and to develop appropriate measures for closer economic cooperation between the Parties; The Parties recognise the importance of education for sustainable economic growth, human resources and social development and shall develop and encourage mutually beneficial cooperation between the Parties in the field of education. (b) at the time of the notification referred to in point (a), the Contracting Party proposing to promote mutually beneficial economic relations; Under consideration…..

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