Letter Of Agreement Em Portugues

standby akkreditiv – aviso de carta de crdito correspondncia comercial – business writing, business letters MBA (Master of Business Administration) – mestrado em administrao de empresas. default – default, default; Paid in accordance with its conditions of correspondent banking – foreign bank PIS (Social Integration Program) Social Integration Program, a tax levied on the total turnover of companies, created 1970 countries – country, country; Landing (if used as a verb) PGI (general index of Preos) – consumer price index Long-term liabilities Long-term liabilities CSLL (Social contribution on profit tax) – other federal tax levied by companies to finance the social securitykoreo Monetria – inflation adjustment, indexation, monetary correction Accounting Accountant (holder of the baccalaureate at Cincias Contbeis) Placement – fbrica, Industrial park; Plant (Vegetables) CPF (Register of Physical Persons) – Individual registration of taxpayers with the Federal Revenue Service. COFINS (Contribuio para o Financiamento da Seguridade Social) – Financing of social security Contribution an additional compulsory contribution to the financing of social security, on the basis of the gross turnover of enterprises. TED (Electronic Funds Transfer) – EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Back to back – Loans based on the deposit of the same value in foreign currency from a correspondent bank – currencies abroad AAE (Advances Against Exchange) – ACC (Advance on Cmbio Contract) Insurance; Fire insurance – Insurance against Incndio LIBOR (London Inter-Bank Offer Rate) – Normal International Interest Rate International Trade Organ – Commercial Register OAB (Brazilian Bar) – GATT Bar (General Agreements on Customs and Trade Tariffs) – General Agreement on Customs Duties and Embezzlement – Undonement; diversion of one or the other; Crimes committed by the business lawyer – in the British system of jurdic, a lawyer specializing in oral defense, who mainly performs functions before the courts of the higher courts. In Esccia, the term “avocado” is used. . General partnership – unlimited liability company, governed by a contract between the parties ps-fixed interest – variable interest rate, variable interest rate excise tax – tax on the manufacture, distribution or sale of products Fruit glossary Itinerant glossary Vegetable glossary Agricultural glossary Human resources glossary ESL glossary Abkürzungen und Akronyme CPMF (Provisria Contribution on Movement or Transmission of Securities) and Credits and Financial Rights) – Pro contribution visionnaire sur les transferts financiers, eine Bundessteuer auf Finanztransaktionen, die auf Bankkontobelastungen erhoben wird. Ähnlich wie Australiens Bankkonto-Debits Tax. due date – Fälligkeitsdatum, Fälligkeitsdatum, Wertstellungsdatum, Frist brutto – add, to the value of a payment, early refund of taxes on the same State Department of Finance – California Franchise Tax Board, New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, Department of Revenue (other States) income demonstration – Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung FIRCE (Financing and Registration of Foreign Capital) – Finanzierung und Registrierung ausländisc her c apital PIS/PASEP (Social Integration Program / Patrimnio Formao do Servidor Pblico) erfolgte 1975 die Vereinigung von PIS (Social Integration Program) mit PASEP (Public Servant Fund).

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