Termination Clause In Development Agreement

With the copy of the mentioned agreement in your possession, you can continue by sending a termination of the contract invoking the termination clause. 16. Learned Counsel argues that since the Court of Justice has not granted a suspension of the termination of the planning contract, the applicant has the right to designate another developer for the purpose of renovating the buildings. He argues that if the respondent was finally able to prove before the learned arbitrator that the petitioner`s denunciation was unlawful and unlawful, the respondent may be compensated by the experienced arbitrator`s injury to damages. It is not a question of granting a certain performance of such a contract in favour of the defendant. On September 30, 2013, the respondent notified the petitioner of a notice inviting members to take the premises by the 31st, completely ignoring the terms of Clause 15 of the Development Treaty. . . .

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