Sep 07

Twitter Updates for 2007-09-27

  • Haven’t been this sick on a long time, even nyquil not much help. And what timing, supposed to help teach a class tomorrow. 🙁 #

Sep 07

Twitter Updates for 2007-09-26

  • Its always so weird when you go to bed fine and wake up sick. Hello mega headcold. #

Sep 07

Advertising as content

“It’s time to rethink television advertising.”

“It’s QVC for Generation Y.”

How are corporations using media? How are educators?

Sep 07

Twitter Updates for 2007-09-24

  • Reading Modern Virtual Environment -http://tinyurl.com/yw4hmz #
  • @cosurb you should check this out http://tinyurl.com/yw4hmz #
  • Woops meant to dm that. 🙂 #
  • Sheesh @Prokofy did you have to firebomb my first post? Why do you attribute the worst motives to everyone? #
  • @Prokofy I pay tier, I buy content, I create content, I create meaning. I am not an elite coder, a fanboy, or want to destroy your stuff. #
  • @Prokofy Will respond on the blog so we don’t spam the twitterverse. =) #
  • @seanpercival Have any flame retardant gear handy? Guess I should’ve known to prepare for battle. #
  • @nnoakes Have a link or SLurl? #
  • Early morning mtg at Miami U tomorrow, must hit the sack. #
  • Back from Miami U, holy cow its so hot in the house I think I’m going to keel over. And ugh the email. #
  • The thermostat is maxed out so I don’t even know how hot it is in here, but over 90 degrees. #
  • @susuanreynolds Yep in Ohio, apparently the high today broke records – 96 here in Cincinnati. In September!! #
  • Whats this movie trailer, the nines? A virtual worlds movie?? http://www.apple.com/trailers/newmarket/thenines/trailer/ #

Sep 07

Twitter Updates for 2007-09-23

  • Morning reading: Learning Impact 2007 Report http://tinyurl.com/34bfk9 #
  • "Media is more than a stimulant for social change. Media is social change." – Bernard Luskin #
  • Morning @chelpixie! Let’s hope today is as beautiful as yesterday. #
  • @GideonTV Truly beautiful baby, I hope you sing about San Francisco to her. =) #
  • Deck is 2/3 the way cleaned, taking a break to talk about the SL grid. #
  • Oh dear, hippos and waiting are back on my friends list. I thought that was fixed? #
  • rashed #
  • Er damn, crashed. #
  • Great meeting at @Tao’s about the SL grid architecture, very useful info. Thanks for help getting to it @malburns! #
  • Scobleizer writes about the twitter rules, I break them too. http://tinyurl.com/2d2h4o #
  • @mrtopf My pleasure, believe me. Hope my analysis wasn’t too off base. It was a good conversation! #
  • @poinky Perhaps I am just ignorant enough to remain hopeful. And at the moment, anyone can participate in the conversation, not just c … #

Sep 07

Twitter Updates for 2007-09-22

  • WordPress widget why will you not work for me? It’s an RSS feed, I swear! #
  • @wporter appears to have gone underground, either that or I’m not paying attention #
  • @Baba That was evil. #
  • To my metaverse friends, please welcome @cosurb to Twitter =) #
  • Random link clicking finds this: http://tinyurl.com/yprmp2:1001:14489718550471308760::NO::F2400_P1001_BACK_PAGE,F2400_P1001_PUB_MAIL_ID:#
  • Sorry, can never figure out why sometimes it will tiny the link and sometimes not. http://tinyurl.com/2929mz #
  • Finished pounding on the nails down on the deck. Deck washing about to commence. Staining next. Ugh. #
  • Messing around with WP widgets.. #
  • Woops, not sure if I was ready to have WP announce blog posts on twitter yet. Though everything appears to be working.. #
  • @injenuity Thanks for the reminder, I should cancel WoW too. Don’t have time and compared to SL it’s so.. static. #

Sep 07

Website Revamp

I registered the fleeep.net domain ages ago, back when I was still transitioning to Fleep from my old internet handle of Deep Purple (hence the name of the blog). I primarily used this blog as a place to post pictures for my family the past few years, but as time has gone on and I’ve become involved in a number of projects and have met an ever-growing network of colleagues, friends, and other educational technologists, I began to think about using this site for something more than family pictures.

But not all of my work colleagues want to know about my weekend deck cleaning activities, and the folks from my neighborhood in Second Life might not care so much about my work, so what to do?

Launch three different blogs of course! A “work” blog primarily for business contacts where I can post all that education and geek stuff, a blog about the Chilbo Community Building Project with guest bloggers from our sim to talk about Second Life related stuff, and a personal blog for, well, whatever else I feel like posting. This is the personal blog, and if you visit the site itself instead of viewing the RSS feed, you’ll see the most recent posts from the other two as well on the right sidebar.

For my BBS friends, I’ll try to come back to LiveJournal now and again, but I’m not really a fan. For my family, hopefully the stuff I post here will be interesting and if you have questions about any of the technology stuff, call me! I’d love to tell you about it. And if you want to set up your own blog, let me know, it’s easier than you may think.

Phew. Setting up three blogs in a few days! Thank god for WordPress, widgets, google, and my Twitter friends for constantly sharing info about how to work all these web tools. Now let’s hope all of these interconnected blogs, gadgets, and feeds work properly. And welcome to Fleep’s Revamped Deep Thoughts. =)

Sep 07

Happy birthday Madre! (+ deck cleaning)

Happy birthday Madre! We just got off the phone but hopefully you’ll see this on Monday, it’s still my favorite picture of us ever:

Chris and Jane in Ireland

And this is a pic for Dad to show the difference between the cleaned side and the not cleaned side of the deck. What a difference!

Cleaning the Deck

Sep 07

Twitter Updates for 2007-09-21

  • @susanreynolds Check out http://edumuve.com for educational sites #
  • @gideonTV Is that you singing about San Francisco?? You’re a rockstar! #
  • Non stop since 7AM, taking a quick break for brunch. Email took all morning, darn it. #
  • Hooray! Heard back from contact about Really Cool Big Project and we’re on the same page. phew can breathe again. #
  • And now off to a panel discussion in world to some college admins. #
  • <all caps frustrated rant averted><grrrrr> #
  • This better work.. and is there some repository of YouTube videos already converted for SL somewhere? #
  • Yay! Successfully converted video and have it playing on the campus island. #
  • @BarbaraKB Buy some good chocolate while you’re there! #
  • @KarstenMaylahn Thanks! That’s what I used, just wondered if there was place to put it so no one else has to convert. #
  • @KarstenMaylahn A shared repository of YouTubes converted for SL, that is. #
  • @KarstenMaylahn Seems like there could be many people converting the same videos without realizing it was already done. #
  • @Tao Sorry, client crashed! #

Sep 07

Patrick Awuah on Educating Leaders