NMC Summer Conference

Holy cow I can’t believe it’s been this long since I posted!

Trying to get caught up, and in the meantime, here are some pics from the NMC Summer Conference 2007 in Indianapolis:

Fleep, JoannaTrail Blazer, and Intellagirl, taken at the reception at the Eiteljorg Museum, wherein Fleep had at least one too many glasses of wine:

Fleep, CDB Barkley, and JoannaTrail Blazer, also at the museum reception, also too much wine:

Fleep attending an excellent session by Angela Thomas from Sydney, Australia. I’ll have her book Youth Online: Identity & Literacy in the Digital Age at the top of my reading list when it comes out. Oh yeah, that’s Larry Johnson behind me, the CEO of the New Media Consortium, and he is as fantastic in person as he is in SL (Larry Pixel) – I was VERY impressed with all of the NMC staff:

Angela also talked about future research she plans to do with the “Silver Surfer” generation of older adults who are exploring digital media tools, and showed this fantastic video about the the Zimmers Band project:

Me on the right in pink, drawing cards for winning a prize at the opening reception:

Funny story, there is a guy named Chris Collins from U of Akron, who I met maybe three years ago at an ODCE conference when they got us mixed up. We haven’t seen or talked to each other since, but he was at the conference in Indy and when they drew names for a prize, they called Chris Collins and we both came up. It was like OH HEY I KNOW YOU and we had some good laughs:

That’s it for now, off to unpack and get some laundry done before I tackle the email inbox.



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