Twitter Updates for 2007-09-21

  • @susanreynolds Check out for educational sites #
  • @gideonTV Is that you singing about San Francisco?? You’re a rockstar! #
  • Non stop since 7AM, taking a quick break for brunch. Email took all morning, darn it. #
  • Hooray! Heard back from contact about Really Cool Big Project and we’re on the same page. phew can breathe again. #
  • And now off to a panel discussion in world to some college admins. #
  • <all caps frustrated rant averted><grrrrr> #
  • This better work.. and is there some repository of YouTube videos already converted for SL somewhere? #
  • Yay! Successfully converted video and have it playing on the campus island. #
  • @BarbaraKB Buy some good chocolate while you’re there! #
  • @KarstenMaylahn Thanks! That’s what I used, just wondered if there was place to put it so no one else has to convert. #
  • @KarstenMaylahn A shared repository of YouTubes converted for SL, that is. #
  • @KarstenMaylahn Seems like there could be many people converting the same videos without realizing it was already done. #
  • @Tao Sorry, client crashed! #

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