Website Revamp

I registered the domain ages ago, back when I was still transitioning to Fleep from my old internet handle of Deep Purple (hence the name of the blog). I primarily used this blog as a place to post pictures for my family the past few years, but as time has gone on and I’ve become involved in a number of projects and have met an ever-growing network of colleagues, friends, and other educational technologists, I began to think about using this site for something more than family pictures.

But not all of my work colleagues want to know about my weekend deck cleaning activities, and the folks from my neighborhood in Second Life might not care so much about my work, so what to do?

Launch three different blogs of course! A “work” blog primarily for business contacts where I can post all that education and geek stuff, a blog about the Chilbo Community Building Project with guest bloggers from our sim to talk about Second Life related stuff, and a personal blog for, well, whatever else I feel like posting. This is the personal blog, and if you visit the site itself instead of viewing the RSS feed, you’ll see the most recent posts from the other two as well on the right sidebar.

For my BBS friends, I’ll try to come back to LiveJournal now and again, but I’m not really a fan. For my family, hopefully the stuff I post here will be interesting and if you have questions about any of the technology stuff, call me! I’d love to tell you about it. And if you want to set up your own blog, let me know, it’s easier than you may think.

Phew. Setting up three blogs in a few days! Thank god for WordPress, widgets, google, and my Twitter friends for constantly sharing info about how to work all these web tools. Now let’s hope all of these interconnected blogs, gadgets, and feeds work properly. And welcome to Fleep’s Revamped Deep Thoughts. =)

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