Twitter Updates for 2007-10-06

  • Sat down to watch a movie, fell asleep instead, now up at a weird hour. #
  • Reading NMC’s survey results "Educators in SL" Spring 2007 #
  • @spin LAN party geeks? 🙂 #
  • Should be finishing the deck but it is unseasonably HOT for October. Maybe when it cools down. #
  • IBM’s freebie scripts are VERY well commented. Nice for folks just learning to script. #
  • The cats just chased a squirrel into the house, and it got into the air ducts. #
  • Cats locked up, other vents blocked, now on a stake-out waiting for squirrel to leave. #
  • It is hot. No sign of squirrel. Very unhappy Fleep. #
  • I sprinkled talcum powder lightly around the vent so I could see tracks if the squirrel leaves. #
  • I banged around on the air duct pipes downstairs, left the door cracked, no squirrel. Ugh. #

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