Twitter Updates for 2007-12-03

  • @coolcatteacher Hi from Cincinnati, Ohio!@ #
  • @Frans Haha! Good gag gift #
  • Mogulus is confusing, I can’t tell if its uploading the file or not. Hm. #
  • Oh hm, maybe it’s not liking the mp4 format? #
  • Reading The Steep Unlearning Curve: #
  • The Windlight viewer doesn’t work at ALL for me. It just crashes. #
  • Frustrating morning, going to take a lunch break #
  • I don’t think SL has ever taken this long to rez before. Even the ground is blank grey. #
  • Metanomics session just started, live in SL or at #
  • SL kept crashing missed the whole darned Metanomics sessions. On the upside, almost done with this report. #
  • Brain fried, eyes strained, softwares glitched, cranky. #

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