The Missing Posts of 2014

(An unpublished draft blog post from 2015…)

2014: Being Social

In 2014, my New Year resolution was to accept all social invitations, and that’s my excuse for hardly having blogged at all last year – I was out being a social butterfly!  Or at least as social as this introvert is capable of being.

All in all it was a good experience.  I made new friends, got exposed to new ideas, visited new places.  I met up with a fellow metaverse junkie and talked the afternoon away.

I joined a monthly LAN party with a bunch of folks from work and though I am still terrible at FPSs, I have a lot of fun anyway.

I went to an art opening that featured a piece by one of the students who works with me, and it was fabulous (the show and the piece).

Good stuff.  I apparently didn’t take as many pictures of my social outings as I thought I had.

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