Twitter Updates for 2007-09-23

  • Morning reading: Learning Impact 2007 Report #
  • "Media is more than a stimulant for social change. Media is social change." – Bernard Luskin #
  • Morning @chelpixie! Let’s hope today is as beautiful as yesterday. #
  • @GideonTV Truly beautiful baby, I hope you sing about San Francisco to her. =) #
  • Deck is 2/3 the way cleaned, taking a break to talk about the SL grid. #
  • Oh dear, hippos and waiting are back on my friends list. I thought that was fixed? #
  • rashed #
  • Er damn, crashed. #
  • Great meeting at @Tao’s about the SL grid architecture, very useful info. Thanks for help getting to it @malburns! #
  • Scobleizer writes about the twitter rules, I break them too. #
  • @mrtopf My pleasure, believe me. Hope my analysis wasn’t too off base. It was a good conversation! #
  • @poinky Perhaps I am just ignorant enough to remain hopeful. And at the moment, anyone can participate in the conversation, not just c … #

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