Twitter Updates for 2007-09-24

  • Reading Modern Virtual Environment - #
  • @cosurb you should check this out #
  • Woops meant to dm that. 🙂 #
  • Sheesh @Prokofy did you have to firebomb my first post? Why do you attribute the worst motives to everyone? #
  • @Prokofy I pay tier, I buy content, I create content, I create meaning. I am not an elite coder, a fanboy, or want to destroy your stuff. #
  • @Prokofy Will respond on the blog so we don’t spam the twitterverse. =) #
  • @seanpercival Have any flame retardant gear handy? Guess I should’ve known to prepare for battle. #
  • @nnoakes Have a link or SLurl? #
  • Early morning mtg at Miami U tomorrow, must hit the sack. #
  • Back from Miami U, holy cow its so hot in the house I think I’m going to keel over. And ugh the email. #
  • The thermostat is maxed out so I don’t even know how hot it is in here, but over 90 degrees. #
  • @susuanreynolds Yep in Ohio, apparently the high today broke records – 96 here in Cincinnati. In September!! #
  • Whats this movie trailer, the nines? A virtual worlds movie?? #

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