Second Life Viewer 2.0 Beta – Quick Primer Pt 1

Logging into Second Life with Viewer 2.o beta for the first time..

This is as much for myself as anyone else who might be interested.  Some resources related to Viewer 2.0 for SL users:

Download the Viewer

Second Life Viewer 2 Beta Download:

Tom Hale Keynote Slides

Keynote Slides:

Video Links from SLPro! Keynote

Viewer 2.o Intro:

Shareable Media:

Shared Flash Media:

Scoble’s Interview with Mark Kingdon (SL: M Linden)

Excerpts from Claudia Linden’s Email to SLED

Announcing Second Life Viewer 2 Beta and Shared Media
Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Viewer 2 Beta, the next generation of Second Life viewers — combining an easy browser-like experience with shared media capabilities — providing what we believe is the best experience yet for accessing Second Life, and a new option to choose from among Viewer 1.23 and other Third Party Viewers. Our Viewer 2 blog post is here:

Shared Mediaâ„¢, a standard capability in Viewer 2, makes sharing standard Web-based media and content in Second Life easy, and enables content creators to make more compelling, interactive experiences. Content creators can now place Web pages, video, Flash content, and other web media, onto any surface in Second Life. We expect that Shared Media will inspire a creative renaissance in Second Life as Residents explore more immersive and integrated inworld experiences and business opportunities such as gaming or theaters.

Resources to Help You Learn Viewer 2 Beta
* Quickstart Guide (SL Wiki)
* Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
* Release Notes (SL Wiki)
* Video Demos (YouTube)
* SL Answers (SL Answers)

We Look Forward to Your Feedback
We need to hear from you! Participate in the Viewer 2 Forum ( and share your experience and suggest future enhancements. Then, go tell your friends! If you Twitter, then use the #SLViewer2 hash tag.

T Linden: torely videos are here

Interface introduction

Appearance and Outfits

Automatic camera zoom

Context menu replaces pie

Giving inventory


Move and Viewer controls


Notifications and Conversations



Shared Media


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  1. Thanks for this Fleep. Great aggregating!

  2. Phydeaux Felisimo

    One thing that takes getting use to (besides the other 400 things) is the chat bar is about a 4th the size. I find myself inadvertantly jumping.. Is there a way of chatting withOUT clicking on the chat bar each time I talk?

  3. Fleep,
    excellent round-up, thanks!

    I’m used to hit Enter on my keyboard to move focus on the chat bar – this still works in Viewer 2.
    Alternatively, I heard the chat bar can be enlarged by editing a skins file – not a trivial thing tho, and I can’t remember exactly how to do that now.

  4. Downloaded it but haven’t tried it yet. Hope it works with older computers but if not then there is always Emerald to fall back to.

  5. I have used it but can’t on a regular basis till they give us the option to change skins. My eyes can’t handle the black. I use the Silver skin on the older Snowglobe. I have the 2.0 installed on Garth’s machine so that when I have to log in as him I can be getting used to it.

    I have the same problem on your website! I have found that if I do Ctrl-A on black based websites I can read them more easily.

  6. A lot of those links at the top of the page appear to be broken?