McLuhan Talks About New Media Creating Tribes 50 Years Before Seth Godin

Check out this video, thanks to @gracemcdunnough for the tip!

Some of this sound familiar?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Fleep. It’s very interesting to say the least. Funny how we’ve moved from sharing stories on cave walls, to books, to now digital walls. There’s something full-circle about this in a way, with the added element of surprise that technology and technological changes bring. In a way, I think the idea of “Individual man” “going away” oversimplifies what’s happening. Instead I sense a real tension (positive in many ways, creative in many ways, and uncertain in other ways) between the Individual nurturing their uniqueness while existing in a Tribal culture. Is this really any different than the tribe of Suits…of professionals trying to find a way to stand out in a culture of structured behavior and norms, many of which are changing radically as the world changes, for example? (Or for that matter the many different tribes we create by the labels we assign things and the set of expectations we place in terms of meaning and behavior on those labels.) Yet, the point is very well taken that technology has added a new and fierce layer of velocity to all of this, impacting notions in all spaces…digital and otherwise. I like his phrase “with it”…it reminds me of the same concept we say now about “leaning in” (being engaged and immersed) versus “leaning out” or “leaning away” (being disconnected). A great video to review and reflect upon. Thanks so much again for sharing this.

  2. Wow — while literary man and tribal man were off solving the problems of the world, what do you suppose women were doing?