Jellybean (Beanie) Dinkus (2001-2012)

To my kitty Beanie who was, of all the kittens, the bratty one, the spoiled one, the skittish one, the hairiest sheddingest one, the one who when she needed lovins didn’t ask for them but demanded them right this second, with the sweetest purr and the most plaintive meow. We’ll miss you.


  1. We once shared our love for our identical young ladies…
    We don’t realize how deep their claws are into us, until they are gone.
    They give many fond memories.

    I am sorry for your loss and its circumstances.

  2. Oh Fleep… I just want to extend kindest sympathies to you. Your photos are touching and Jellybean was a precious. Hugs and kindness… Yordie

  3. Gwenette Writer Sinclair

    Bean is chasing butterflies in Summerland sunshine . . .

  4. Douglas Story

    There are no words….