Fave SL Blogs: The Thinkers

If you haven’t been around Second Life for long, it can feel like a lonely place, but getting to know some of Second Life’s citizens through their blogs can be a good way to get a broader sense of all of the interesting and terrific things happening in the virtual world.

So when a friend asked me to recommend my Top 5 Second Life Blog choices, I was stumped – I read so many, how to choose! But I can say, the following five blogs are some of my favorite “thinkers” in Second Life. I don’t always agree with their analysis, but they consistently make me re-evaluate what a virtual world or community is, can be, ought to be, or ought NOT to be. They make me think.

-= Second Life Thinkers =-

An Engine Fit For My Proceedinghttp://ordinalmalaprop.com/engine

Gwyn’s Homehttp://gwynethllewelyn.net/

Phasing Gracehttp://phasinggrace.blogspot.com

Second Thoughtshttp://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/


I’ll try to post some more in the next few days covering some of my favorite education, art and music, and travel and news blogs.. but I have to say, it is darned hard to choose!

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