Jun 08

Sun’s Wonderland & Education Grid Demo

Dashing off a quick post:

Today the Media Grid Immersive Education Initiative launched the Education Grid on Sun’s Wonderland platform.

Aaron Walsh from Media Grid launched the initiative from within Second Life and the island quickly filled up with many more avatars waiting to get in to join the demonstration.

There are already six nodes on the grid and we got to pop around between them and check out the various applications and builds already in place. What follows are some screen shots, the tools are still pretty primitive, but the audio/voice worked pretty seamlessly and we saw a demonstration of live application sharing, video streaming, and more. What fun! Will try to post more later..

Fleep in Wonderland
Fleep in Wonderland, purple clothes!


Classroom in Wonderland
Classroom in Wonderland

Larry Johnson in Wonderland

And my favorite picture of all.. on the New Media Consortium node, my avatar turned into.. Larry!

Fleep in a Larry avatar

More to come…