Jul 08

Orange Island – Panel about Blogging!

12.00 pm SLT: Discussion: Blogging Virtual Worlds Speakers: Ordinal Malaprop, Koz Farina, Saffia Widdershins, Tara5 Oh, Fleep Tuque Hosted by Malburns Writer & Tara Yeats Location – Orange Island: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Orange%201/191/134/30/
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May 08

Dean of SL Law School Speaks at SL’ang Life Education Conf…

Julynn Lilliehook, Dean of the soon to be opened Second Life Law School, spoke at the “Educational Possibilities of Second Life” series, sponsored by SL’ang Life magazine.

“I have found in both RL and SL that people are very uneducated about the laws that affect them,” she said, “In SL it’s vitally important to me that people outside of the USA understand the Ameican legal system, since most of what the world learns about the US is media driven. I’m also very interested in hearing about how the legal systems operate in other countries.”

According to Julynn, the school will be focusing on educating Second Life residents on legal systems and issues, it will not be focusing on training lawyers. “I would like to have at least one lecture series session per week, plus 3 or more sessions per week on particular topics,” she said, “and then a weekly open discussion session.”

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Apr 08

Panel on Education in Virtual Spaces

Sarah Robbins (SL: Intellagirl Tully) of Ball State University chairs a panel with Jeremy Kemp (SL: Jeremy Kabumpo) of San Jose State University and Jeremy Hunsinger (SL: buridan Simon) of Virginia Tech about the future of education in virtual spaces. As long term veterans in SL education, Jeremy Hunsinger points out that educational gaming and 3D spaces have long been a part of the academic computing tradition, and asks, “The future isn’t all face to face, is it?” Jeremy Kemp remarked that he expected to see more concrete data about effective teaching practices in SL than we have seen up to this point. “We need to be studying the efficacy of these models,” he said.
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Apr 08

Human-Centered Research for Avatars

Aleks Krotoski from the University of Surry and Mark Bell from Indiana University discuss best practices for performing survey research in virtual worlds like Second Life. One key affordance of doing research in virtual environments is the ability to capture reams of data, not just from the avatar, but also the environment itself. Aleks (SL: Mynci Gorki) suggests researchers try to focus on the data they really want, since you can capture more than you need. Mark Bell (SL: Typewriter Tackleberry) announced a new SL HUD-based survey tool his team has created to simplify data collection while preserving the immersion of the environment. Both suggest that researchers approach campus IRB groups early on in the process to help ensure plenty of time for answering their questions about the environment.
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Apr 08

IBM’s Sandra Kearney on 3D Internet & Virtual Business for…

On the third day of the vBusiness Expo in Second Life, IBM’s Sandra Kearney, Global Director for 3D Internet & Virtual Business, speaks about the evolution of internet technology and the potential of virtual worlds for work and collaboration. She sees an ecosystem of technology tools, platforms, and services that are springing up around this 3D Internet concept, from machinima and broadcasting tools, to fully immersive 3D platforms like Second Life. “We are closing the gap between static and real time information, interaction and experience in a cost effective manner,” she said. She also raised questions about developing good governance mechanisms for these environments.
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Apr 08

Virtual Worlds & Law Panel

Benjamin Duranske moderates a panel about virtual worlds and legal issues that arise from working in them, and Dave Elchoness (SL: Da Etchegaray), Executive Director of the Association for Virtual Worlds, brings up an important point – if a company hires a builder or scripter in Second Life, what are the legal implications in terms of minimum wage laws, pensions, and employee rights? These are questions that still need to be addressed, he says, and both companies and employees need to consider these issues.
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Apr 08

Accelerate Reports on Corporate Responses to Virtual Worlds

From the vBusiness Expo in Second Life – On-boarding new hires with virtual worlds, John Boring, Accelerate

John reports on study to gauge barriers and interest in virtual worlds from corporate sector, sneak peek from the report:

Top 5 Barriers to Adoption of Virtual World Tech

1. lack of clear ROI is strong #1
2. worry about insufficient resources to build or maintain
3. corporate culture
4. lack of executive support because age 35+ are the deciders and they still see these as video games
5. data security

Top 5 Apps they think virtual worlds will enhance/most willing to work with

1. sales training
2. collaboration
3. knowledge management
4. employee engagement
5. stimulating creativity

He thinks the culture change will be bottom up, as younger managers who are already experienced gamers come in to upper management levels and get to make decisions.

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Apr 08

Second Life AIDS Memorial Quilt Display

The SL HIV Prevention & Education Center and the Chilbo Community Building Project are sponsoring the AIDS Memorial Quilt display through June 2008. Stop by to visit this touching reminder of lost friends and family, and view the prim quilt squares that have been contributed by Second Life residents from around the world. For more information, contact Lizzette Zenovka, Director of the SL HIV Center, or Jase Byrne, Caretaker of the Quilt.
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Mar 08

Second Life for Dummies Party

JoannaTrail Blazer and AngryBeth Shortbread below my fabulous party hat to celebrate the Second Life for Dummies book written by Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins and Mark “Typewriter” Bell. Freebies and give aways and friends galore, come join us!
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Mar 08

SL Havok 4 Bug Report

Chilbo Resident Scalar Tardis has filed a bug report on the JIRA – SVC-1905 regarding an issue with the collision tolerance of the new Havok 4 physics engine. Any physics projects that rely on things to be very close together may not move properly, or may not move at all with the new physics engine – so if you have any models or demonstrations with closely aligned moving parts, it’s likely to break when the rollout goes grid wide. Thanks for the report Scalar and if you’re a Second Life resident – go vote to get this fixed!
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